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We Offer Sourdough Bread Baking & Other Culinary Classes…

Above, Sherry shows students how to wrap a Stromboli and then brush with egg wash before baking in the outdoor oven. You can make dessert as well as savory Strombolis with your leftover pizza dough! Glenn is looking on.
Glenn & Sherry Ribbon Cutting

Glenn and Sherry Bruno have a passion for good, crusty sourdough bread….They live in the northern California Town of Paradise. It is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains about 90 miles north of Sacramento. They live amongst a forest of pine trees at a little above 2,000 feet in a quaint European Cottage neighborhood that Glenn designed and built; Lilliput Lane. Their home, Gulliver’s Gate Cottage, offers the perfect environment for artisan bread baking and cooking classes with their rustic, outdoor, wood-fired oven, waterfalls, koi pond and grapevine-covered gazebo.

Sherry Bruno, Baker
Sherry has been teaching baking and other cooking classes for about 14 years and has expanded her cooking class offerings to include Tamales, Pastas, Sauces, Bagels, The Classics, Ethnic dishes, etc., and also is now offering “Supper Sessions” where you can book a class with your friends, have instruction and demonstration on making the complete meal, then be served by the Brunos in a restaurant setting indoors or outside in the Gazebo. Supper Sessions include hors d’oeuvres, complete meal of your choice, the best garlic bread you have ever had and a special dessert. Wine and martini service, optional.

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